Crumbs, it’s Crimbo!

Yay, it's Christmas!

As the mini-mob remind me constantly … it’s Christmas! So I thought I’d jot down a few simple but lovely feel-good activities you might want to try with your children over the holidays. (Although personally, I shall be relying on the telly and a large tin of confectionary to keep the kids happy, whilst I deal with a bottle of port.)

1)   There’s nothing, nay nothing, that is more magical than two minutes on Christmas Eve spent outside in the cold night air staring up at the sky and pointing out the barely visible light of a rather important sleigh approaching. (Sometimes, children struggle to see the twinkle, but this is only because their eyes are still young and so not quite strong enough. You, on the other hand, will definitely be able to see it!)

2)   “We’re dreaming of a White Christmas …” but it probably won’t be. Never fear though! You can still get that cold hand feeling by making an ice sculpture! Stash a balloon filled with water in your freezer until it’s a giant, round, ice cube. Then  peel back the rubber till you’re left with a block of ice that can be carved into a beautiful shape (I’m thinking swan, but a slug would be just as wonderful).
NB … carve with a dinner knife …. but 5 fingers are best so this is still an activity recommended only for the over-7s.

3)   Holly wreaths are impressive if bought, and atrociously fiddly if homemade, but there is a middle way (just so long as you like the ‘my gorgeous and much-adored children made this so I’m going to show it off’ look. Cut a large ring shape out of cardboard and hang it on a string. Then glue on a selection of seasonal foliage, a bit of glitter, and the odd little ball of tinfoil. Hey presto, a Christmas wreath fit to adorn any front door!

Anyway, that’s enough from me, as the port’s calling! Happy Christmas!



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