Freckly, dishevelled and forgivably nostalgic newsletter, June 2015

Currently we are trembly with our own importance at having produced the first Hahahopscotch newsletter. We thought our blog followers might like to see it too, so here it is. If you’d rather receive it via the email mailing list, just drop us a line at

HahahopscotchlogoFBFreckly, dishevelled and forgivably nostalgic newsletter, June 2015

Hey! This is Hahahopscotch’s first newsletter, and we are very squirmy and excited about it, especially having even written it on a computer rather than with crayons. All our fingers and toes are crossed that at least one of you Hahahopscotchers reads it!

19th century writingsmall

We are utterly thrilled to find ourselves needing a newsletter! 

Hahahopscotch was born only a few years ago when landscape historian Linden Groves decided to stop nagging other people to get children interested in gardens and history and to jolly well do something about it herself instead! And here we are now, changing the world one bounce at a time via a heady mix of sack races, seed planting and, of course, a healthy helping of jelly babies.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAre you on the very edge of your seats wanting to know when you and your children can next enjoy a bout of Hahahopscotch?

Do please please come and help us celebrate Open Garden Squares Weekend at the Brunel Museum, Rotherhithe, on Sunday 14th June when we will be in the gardens playing Traditional Brunelish Games such as Isambard Kingdom Brunel would have enjoyed in the 19th century. Organised by the brilliant London Parks and Gardens Trust, Open Garden Squares Weekend is a fabulous opportunity to get out and enjoy some of London’s lesser-known open spaces, so do pop along and join us. Our games will be a 45minute burst of energy from 3-3.45pm for £5, and booking is recommended at

Then we are delighted to be back at the fantastically raucous Vauxhall Gardens, Vauxhall, for their Summer Festival on 11th and 12th July, when we will be treating all and sundry to free games and a taste of garden history, thanks to the splendid efforts of the Vauxhall Gardens Trust. Details at

After that we will be skipping off for private party bookings during the summer so the next chance to catch up is in October when we will be returning to the gorgeously gorgeous Fenton House in Hampstead for Apple Weekend on 3rd and 4th October 11-4.30pm for drop-in Giggly & Greenfingered gardening fun where for only £4 children (or the young at heart) will be able to make and sow a unique pot of pea shoots to keep them topped up on their 5 a Day. Details in due course at



Giggly&GreenfingeredpartyJan15fbDon’t forget you can book us for your own party

If you can’t manage any of these dates but would like to enjoy a Hahahopscotch playtime, do please bear us in mind for any summer fairs, corporate events (you’d be surprised at how well our games work for adults!), or private parties that you may be having. We love being outside on a generous grassy lawn but can squeeze into a teeny tiny yard or living room if needed.

Back in January we ran a Games & Gardening party for a ten year old birthday, and look how beautiful the pots we made still look, months later (Thanks to the kind mum for thinking to send us the pic!)


A little something to keep you going

Time to sign off, now, but before we go, here’s a little marble game called Pyramids that you might want to try at home, taken from my gran’s treasured copy of Winifred Wilson’s Playground and Indoor Games for Boys and Girls of 1910:

“In pyramids, the marbles are piled up into a cone, and a circle drawn round them. Every time one is hit so that it rolls out of this circle, it belongs to the markman who effected the movement. Whoever takes a shot has to pay a marble for the privilege. Sometimes several roll out of the circle, when he has them all.”


Thank you so much one and all for your support as we grow from a tiny seed to a slightly less tiny seed – it is very much appreciated.
Linden x

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