Garden History Galavant

In 2010 I authored Beyond the Playground  for The Garden History Society – a call to arms to encourage historic garden managers and others to think outside the box on approaches to child visitors. We encouraged site specific approaches, looking to the past for ideas on children’s play, and a move away from catalogue-bought play equipment in favour of more landscape friendly ideas such as kite flying and tree climbing.

T2B_6Since then, we have received approaching 2000 requests for this publication, from an astonishing range of people from National Trust staff, to education providers, to local authorities and historic garden volunteers.

Now, as an extension to Beyond the Playground, The GHS and Timberplay have kindly supported the creation of a special Hahahopscotch game to introduce children to the joys of garden history.

T2B_6This unique game – called the Garden History Galavant – has to be seen to be believed, but suffice to say it involves a race to gather flowers from a medieval mede, topiary hats, a hoard of rowdy cattle and sheep harrassing gentry over a haha, and lots of false moustaches. And the best bit is that I get to talk to lots of chest-high garden visitors about historic gardens.

This game is a great opportunity to engage a new generation with historic gardens so if you’d like us to come and run it at your property, do please get in touch at Prices are disgustingly reasonable, and we can tweak the game to make it bespoke to your site.

Linden Groves, Hahahopscotch


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