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I love to enjoy old-fashioned fun with modern kids. As a landscape historian, I’m often at my desk reading accounts of how ye olde children used to play, but what I really love to do is to get into the fresh air, plunge into a chuckle of children and have a giggly, wriggly time together.

Hahahopscotch  offers 3 play session themes, suitable for garden openings, weddings, parties, fetes, and any other occasion where small bouncy people need to be entertained (or indeed big bouncy people – grown-ups enjoy our games too!).

Hahahopscotch Traditional Garden GamesTraditional Games (sack races, tug of war, hoops … all the favourites!) This can be tailored for indoor, outdoor, big spaces, small spaces, and children of all ages.
We are also able to adjust it for specific events, such as Halloween, Christmas, Easter).

HahahopscotchPaulDeboisflowerbedwebGiggly & Greenfingered (seeds, shoots, dirt, and nibbling – what’s not to like?!) Small people love gardening and so do we, so there’s a perfect combination! Our gorgeous and fun gardening sessions always end with happy children taking something lovely and horticultural home with them. We can bespoke Giggly & Greenfingered for your particular site so that the activity can become an interpretation tool.

Galavant kitGarden Galavant!
The Galavant uses unique games ranging from a haha battle of sheep versus gentleman to topiary costumes to provide a tempting taste of garden history. This game is perfect for a historic garden setting, and can be adapted to be a bespoke introduction to the site.

If you’d like us to come and run a play session for you, do get in touch at linden@hahahopscotch.co.uk
Prices start at around £200 and although we are based in the South East of England we are happy to put our rollerskates on and do a bit of travelling. Each session is designed to be 45 minutes, but can be easily adapted to fill more or less time.

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