Time to play, time together, time to remember

The best moments are for sharing

The best moments are for sharing


Laughing, exploring, admiring, learning, celebrating, imagining, racing, jostling, striving, mooching and simply messing around … all the important bits of childhood are so much better when they’re shared.

Sure, there’s plenty of room for those necessary moments of quiet, solitary reflection, but we’re sociable folk by nature, and no more so than during our earliest years.


Coming together for a game of Ring a Ring a Roses, early 20th century

Childhood friends – you can’t beat them. Some may stay with us until adulthood, maturing though gap years and stag weekends to build a bond for life. Others may be fleeting, an unexpected burst of fun and friendship in the park one day, never to be repeated. But you can be sure that both will make lasting impressions on young minds and are the stuff of precious memories.

Hahahopscotch runs traditionally-inspired play sessions and each lasts for less than an hour, so children are brought together for little longer than the blink of a twinkly eye. But there is something truly magical about the way that they arrive as strangers, to be transformed during the hurly burly of sack races, merriment of egg and spoon and comradery of tug of war into a group of playful allies.


Oranges and Lemons … and a gaggle of chums

Our Hahahopscotchers may never see each other again,  but for 45 minutes they come together as a giggly wriggly team and that’s a wonderful, memorable experience that is definitely special for being shared.

Some times are simply better spent together.



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