Wood you like to play amongst the trees?

There’s no point in pretending otherwise … the summer was dreadful. But it’s time to get over it and move on because we are now in Amazing Autumn!

We just love seasonal carpets of orange and gold leaves…

This is the perfect season for a Woodland Walk to enjoy some autumn colour and a bit of leaf kicking.

Youngest son Victor and I treated ourselves to a beautiful morning in our local woods the other day and had a truly special time together against a stunning backdrop of gold, orange and burnished brown (those of you with a particularly sentimental streak might like to skip over to the Hahahopscotch Facebook page and wallow in a pic of Victor and his hearing aid enjoying the sound of leaves rustling).

We’re super-fortunate to have some gorgeous leafy hotspots in our corner of London, but in other parts of the country you might like to visit these woods and woodland gardens:

… but they really missed out on autumn colour in Ye Olde Black and White days


And what can you do when you’re there? Hahahopscotch likes to:

1)    Gather autumn leaves to thread onto string for a seasonal decoration

2)    “En garde”! Find a couple of sticks and have a fencing dual to the death (not really, obviously, we love you all – be safe!)

3)    Poke around under a log or two –  oooh spiders!

4)    See who can find the muddiest bit of path and get across it without disaster

5)    Build a den – ram 2 long sticks into the ground to kiss at the top in a triangle shape, and then do the same with 2 others a few feet away. Link the triangles with one long stick resting on the tips of each. Lean lots of other sticks against your structure … Bob’s Your Uncle!

And remember … there are DEFINITELY goblins hiding in the tree trunks.

(Btw, for the BEST woodland fun website ever, visit http://www.naturedetectives.org.uk/






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