Our story

HahaHopscotch was started by me, Linden, as a way of channelling my passion for history and children’s play!

HahaHopscotch is about being proud to take the sack races, marbles, conkers and chalk-dust of yesterday’s playtimes and give them a cheeky relevance for modern children.

It all started with my work as a landscape historian – whilst working in the wonderful world of garden history, I began to focus on children’s play in historic parks and gardens, and being bombarded with accounts of gleeful grubsters on wooden slides and beautiful bairns making dens began to leave its mark. You can read more about this improbable job at www.outdoorchildren.co.uk

Now I love to use my research to take the best of children’s play from the past and adapt it for HahaHopscotch to give modern children the freckly, dishevelled and forgivably nostalgic playtimes that they so love … and a smidgeon of interest in history too. (Shhh, I can’t help but dream that along the way at least one of these children will grow up with a passion for conserving the historic environment!)