Wonderful weddings

Beautiful bridesmaids, beautiful games (photo copyright Paul Debois)

Hahahopscotch’s Traditional Garden Games are toe-scrunchingly gorgeous and absolutely perfect for weddings.

You know, for that bit when you’re out on the lawn having your photos taken and the grown-ups are sipping champagne, but the children are getting fractious and already wondering when it’s time to go home.

We promise, our unique repertoire of sack races, tug of war, egg and spoon and more will keep your mini-guests (and the big ones too) beautifully entertained, making sure you have a day that everyone will remember. And, as with all the best things in life, it’s not just about the ‘stuff’, it’s about people – we can bring as many bubbly and friendly Hahahopscotch hands as are needed to keep the games running for your guests.

Hahahopscotch play is picture perfect

Our games are picture perfect – wicker hampers, hessian sacks, gorgeous fabrics – and once you add a bridesmaid (or best man!) to the mix, they can even give a special magic to your wedding photos!

(We hope the weather will be kind for your special day, but we can adapt and transfer indoors if not.)
And we can even bring our smaller-scale Past times, Play times collection  – marbles, jacks, paper hats, the works – to indoor weddings or to keep busy little minds occupied at the tables, or in a corner, during the wedding meal and speeches.


Your wedding isn’t coming off the shelf and neither will our games for you so do get in touch to discuss how we can bring some old-fashioned chuckle and charm to your wedding and the likely costs – linden@hahahopscotch.co.uk

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