Time for an Easy Easter


We are so Over the wholesome, sunny Easter thing!

It’s clear that this is not going to be like other Easters. No cheery yellow daffodils, no fresh sunny days, no little blossom buds, no pleasant walks in the country to admire the gambolling lambs. Poo pants.

But what we do have is chocolate, and time off. Hurrah!

It seems to me that this is a good time to write about relaxing. Yes, that’s what I said … relaxing.

By this, I mean let’s not get carried away by the pressure to be yummy mummies, to provide our children with wonderfully fulfilling play opportunities round the clock, and to create beautiful rose-tinted memories of special days.

This Easter, let’s use the bad weather as an excuse to plonk the whole family on a sofa with a stack of films, eat far too much chocolate (especially before breakfast), cancel those plans for rewarding visits to museums and petting zoos, and perhaps even put those delightful Easter craft and baking plans to one side in favour of a glossy magazine and takeaway pizza.

Go on, do it! Take a break from A+, golden star, smug-smile parenting and just let your kids slob for a few days. I think you’ll find yourself feeling a whole lot better about the daily grind, and there’s no need for guilt about letting parenting standards slide – I promise the little nippers will emerge more relaxed, bonded and ready for next term than you’ve seen them for a long time.

(PS: But I can’t resist just one little play idea … try rolling your chocolate egg foil wrapper into little balls and flick them at Dad’s nose, one by one.)




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